User-generated restaurant review site Yelp has updated its Android app to version 1.4. The update adds a couple of key features, including the ability to bookmark a site on your Android phone and automatically synchronize it with your Yelp account. The synchronization is two-way, which means that if you’ve bookmarked a few of your favorite restaurants on the Yelp web site, they’ll show up on your phone.

Yelp 1.4 also allows users to create drafts of reviews. You can’t actually publish a review from your phone, because Yelp doesn’t want the site filling up with typos and SMS shorthand. But you can start a review, save it to your account, and edit and publish it when you get to a computer with a comfortably sized keyboard.

The Android app still doesn’t have all of the functionality of the iPhone version yet. For instance, there’s no “check in” feature. But you can search and browser for restaurants by type or location and see reviews from other Yelp users.

You can download Yelp for Android from the Android Market.

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