ZumoDrive is a service that lets you synchronize files on your PC with a cloud-based storage system. In other words, click on the music directory on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, link it to your ZumoDrive account, and you can pull up a web browser on any computer to listen to music, view photos, watch videos, or download files that have been shared.

The company has offered an iPhone app that lets you access your files on the go for a while. Today the company launched new mobile apps for Google Android and Palm WebOS.

It turns out the Android app is a bit half-baked. While I could use it to find files and listen to audio on my Nexus One, things got a little funky when I tried playing long MP3 files (like 30 to 60 minute podcasts). Each time I tried to listen to one of these, I got an error message and lost the ability to pause the playback or adjust the volume. The only way to stop the audio was to kill the app.

I’m not the only person having troubles. Several users left complaints about similar problems in the Android Market.

Fortunately, ZumoDrive for Android handled music files a little better. I was able to stream a few MP3s without any problems, and the ZumoDrive player even showed album art as the music played.

I fired up the ZumoDrive app on my iPod touch to see if it was more stable, and it really was. If you’re looking for a way to stream your video, music or photo collections from your desktop to your iPhone — with the added benefit of web access from any computer, ZumoDrive is a pretty nice solution. I just can’t really recommend it for Android users yet. I haven’t tried the WebOS version.

ZumoDrive offers up to 2GB of online storage space for free. If you want additional storage, you’ll have to pay for it.

The new apps are available from the Android Market and Palm’s App Catalog

You can check out my hands-on video with the ZumoDrive Android app after the break.

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