Android developers have a habit of pushing out regular software updates through the Android Market. This is a good thing, since it means you can keep your installed apps up to date with the latest new features. But it can also be kind of a pain, since you have to visit the Market and update your apps one by one every time new updates are available.

But it looks like there’s a chance you’ll be able to configure your phone to automatically install all updates in Android 2.2. There’ve been reports that Android 2.2 is in the wild over the past few days. And a member of 4Chan has posted pictures of a T-Mobile myTouch running the new OS. If the shots are legit, they show a new option in the Android Market to automatically update installed applications. But that’s a big if. 4Chan users aren’t exactly known for their honesty.

Google is clearly working on the next version of the Android operating system, but though. And several web sites have reported over the past few days that they’ve been receiving visits from phones running Android 2.2. So there’s reason to suspect that this may be the real deal. And if it’s not… it should be. This would be a killer new feature to have — especially since it’s an optional change. If you don’t want your installed apps to automatically update to the latest versions, it looks like you simply don’t check the box.

via Android Community

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