The folks at Boy Genius Report have gotten their hands on a boatload of information about the upcoming BlackBerry 6.0 mobile operating system. That includes a series of screenshots and a number of details about the new OS. The information reportedly comes from a source at AT&T, so there’s good reason to believe this isn’t just some elaborate hoax.

So what can we expect from BlackBerry OS 6.0?

  • A new WebKIT-based web browser with support for tabs and multitouch
  • New finger-friendly media player
  • Kinetic scrolling that makes it easier to scroll through long contact or media lists, web pages, and email messages
  • Multitouch support throughout the operating system with pinch to zoom and other features
  • Customizable home screen with multiple pages
  • Pop-up menus

Boy Genius Report says BlackBerry OS 6.0 should hit the strets by June or July.

You can find more details and additional photos at Boy Genius Report.

Brad Linder

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