Google Android does a decent job of keeping track of your missed, received, and outgoing calls in your call history. But while it’s fairly easy to find your last few calls this way, good luck finding that number you called a few weeks ago.

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CallTrack is a free utility for Android that can automatically add create Google Calendar entries for each call. This way you can check out your call history on your desktop or any computer. And you can either scroll through your calendar to see your call history or use the Google Calendar search function to see when you last called or received a call from a number.

You can configure CallTrack to keep track of missed, received, or outgoing calls — or all three. You can also set it to save your call info to a specific calendar. So if you don’t want your call history showing up in your default calendar, you can create a new one just for phone calls.

The calendar entries include some pretty basic information about the call including the phone number and duration of the call. It would be nice if CallTrack also featured Google Voice integration so that you could get a transcript of the call in your Google Calendar — which would make the search function much more useful. But them’s the breaks.

You can check out a screengrab of the CallTrack settings menu after the break.

CallTrack is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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  1. this shit is not working… its not sync with gmail calendar.. try it.. shud open and save it manually to get the call log saved.. fix it guys..

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