Firefox Mobile 1.1 (code-named Fennec) is due out soon… at least for the Nokia N900 running Nokia’s Maemo operating system. Fennec for Google Android is also in the works… but Maemo always gets the cool Mozilla stuff first.

Anyway, we’ve already gotten a sneak peek at the new Site Menu for Fennec 1.1. Now one of the developers working on the project is providing an early look at the new start page — which is the first thing you’ll see when launching the browser or opening a new tab.

Previous builds of Fennec showed frequently visited pages, bookmarks, and a search bar. But apparently this was a bit too confusing for some folks, so instead the new start page will show a list of tabs you had open last time you closed the browser, and even tabs you’ve recently had open on Firefox on other computers thanks to Mozilla Weave integration.

The tab sync option is kind of awesome, since it means you can close your laptop and hit the road, opening the same web pages you had just been reading the next time you have a chance to whip out your phone.

The new start page will also show recommended add-ons.

Brad Linder

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