Facebook Chat for Windows Mobile is a free app that does exactly what you think — and then some. In addition to letting you chat with your Facebook contacts on your mobile device, the program lets you see your status feed. You can also upload photos and videos to Facebook from your phone, and receive notifications and new messages on your phone.

Basically, the app has a built in browser that lets you navigate the Facebook mobile page. But the chat and alert tabs make it worth checking out Facebook Chat for Windows Mobile as an alternative to simply visiting m.facebok.com in your mobile browser.

The program is available for Windows Mobile 5.0 and newer devices.

via Pocket Hacks

Brad Linder

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  1. I preffer to use palringo on WM…

    It covers facebook chat, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and a whole host of others.

    Just wish with front facing cameras etc. and the power of todays smartphones someone could come up with MSN voice and video chat that works on my smartphone.

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