It’s going to be a little while before we see the Firefox web browser officially ported to Google Android, and a Windows Mobile version may never come. But Mozilla has been pumping out updates for the Maemo operating system used by the Nokia N900 smartphone at a steady pace, and a beta version of Firefox for Maemo 1.1 should be available soon.

One of the developers has put together a preview of one of the new features that might be easy to miss at first glance: The new and improved Site Menu.

The Site Menu is what pops up when you click the little favicon next to the location bar. In the desktop version of Firefox, it simply gives you a little information about the web page if it’s available. But in Firefox for Maemo 1.1 it will bring up additional options.

Some, such as the new “save as PDF” option will be available for most web pages, making it easy to save receipts, documents, or web pages for printing or filing later. Other options will only show up on certain pages, such as the ability to add a search engine or clear site preferences (such as blocking pop ups, or never remembering a password.

Plugin developers can also use the new Site Menu so that specific commands pop up when you open the Site Menu.

Brad Linder

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