Sure, it may seem like blasphemy to run Microsoft’s instant messenger on an iPhone, but as Download Squad points out there are more people using iTunes on Windows than Mac. The truth is the iPhone isn’t just for Mac fanboys. So it makes plenty of sense that Microsoft has been working on a version of Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The app isn’t ready for public consumptions just yet, but it’s due out any day now and the folks at NeoWin grabbed some of the first screenshots of Live Messenger for the iPhone.

It looks like the app supports sending and receiving photos, browsing photos, managing your contacts, viewing social networking updates from your friends, and… you know, chatting.

NeoWin suggests that the app will be part of the Windows Live Wave 4 services which should be available as a public beta in June. Until then, if you want to keep in touch with your Live Messenger contacts on the iPhone, you might want to stick with a multi-protocol chat client like Meebo.

You can find more screenshots at NeoWin.

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  1. The picture above expect a decent to say the least. Not much is known in terms of functionality, but what I gather, that brings photo sharing, discussion and has social power.
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