Have a hard time sticking to just a single wallpaper on your Android phone? GeoPix is a utility that lets you automatically switch between wallpapers based on your physical location. Basically, you can set as many geographical locations as you like and then set a wallpaper to go with each one. As you walk from one location to the next, GeoPix will change your background. There’s also an option to send you a notification letting you know the wallpaper has changed, so you won’t miss the action if your phone is, you know, in your pocket while you’re travelling.

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GeoPix comes with a fairly large catalog of wallpapers to choose from which you can search or browse by category. And you can also grab any image from the Android Gallery app and make it your desktop. In other words, you can snap a picture of your house and use GeoPix to automatically change your wallpaper to that picture when you walk toward your house.

The location chooser is pretty neat. You can either enter a location by address or hit a button to zoom into your current location. Then you use the slider to change the size of the location. If you want your “home” wallpaper to show up just when you’re within a few feet of your house, you can do that. Or you can make your home wallpaper the default for several city blocks or even a whole city.

Honestly, I’m not sure how useful GeoPix is… but it’s a pretty nifty concept. And the app is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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