The Nokia N900 is a device that blurs the lines between a smartphone and a computer. Sure, smartphones are getting smarter and smarter, but the N900 runs the Maemo operating system, which is basically a custom version of Linux. That’s nothing too special, since Google Android and Palm WebOS are both based on Linux, but let’s put it this way… once you gain root access on the N900 you can install the Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers along with plenty of other Linux apps.

The Google Chrome port is actually brand new. And to be fair, what you’re actually running is Chromium. That’s the open source version of Chrome developed for Linux.

You can download the installer from Jacekowski’s site. He’s the one who ported the browser. Then to install the browser on a Nokia N900, you can follow the instructions from Meego Portal.

When all is said and done, you’ll end up with a desktop web browser on a mobile device. Unfortunately, that means most web pages won’t actually scale to fit the screen properly and you’ll either need to resize the pages manually or spend some time scrolling left and right. But Adobe Flash seems to work out of the box.

via Maemo Arena and Download Squad

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