Google has pushed out a new beta version of Google Maps for Android in the UK. The main new feature is that UK users can now get turn by turn directions on Android handsets, a feature that’s been available to US Android users for several months.

Google Maps Navigation shows you a 2D or 3D map while providing you step by step directions. You can also add gas stations, ATMs, or other locations to the maps.

If you’ve got a Google Nexus One, you can also use the speech to text input feature to get directions by talking to your phone instead of tapping away at the on-screen keyboard.

Engadget reports that Google Maps Navigation should work with all Android 1.6 and newer phones in the UK.

via Android Community

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  1. Google Maps Navigation supports voice search, satellite view, 3D view, traffic information, automatic rerouting, among many other features you would find on premium GPS devices.

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