For the last year and a half or so, Issue 1151 has been hanging out in the Android code page. What’s Issue 1151? A request to be able to install apps on a phone’s SD card instead of the built in storage. Since many Android phones have limited storage space, but can accept much larger SD cards, this would make it easy to install more apps, or larger apps. Right now, for instance, it’s tough to develop graphically intensive games for Android since there’s simply not enough room in a phone’s storage to hold all the necessary data.

But Google has finally updated the status of Issue 1151 from “assigned” to “future release.” In other words, the company plans to add the ability to install apps on storage cards in a future release — and plenty of folks are speculating that we’ll see the new feature in Android 2.2 which may be due out in another month or two.

via Android and Me

Brad Linder

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