There’s no shortage of web browsers for Google Android. But the Infinity Web Browser manages to stand out by bundling a number of unusual (but useful) features into a single package. The browser has tabbed browsing, a built in translate button for converting foreign language web sites into your language of choice (using Google Translate), and an integrated RSS Feed reader.

Infinity uses the same Webkit rendering engine as the default Android browser, which means web pages look basically the same in both browsers. Infinity also supports pinch-to-zoom if your phone has a multitouch display. The browser also shares the bookmarks and history with the default browser.

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But it’s the browser’s interesting user interface that really makes it stand out from the default browser. At the top of the screen there’s a green button for creating new tabs, and you can flip back and forth between tabs simply by tapping them. You don’t have to hit the settings button, pull up the Windows dialog, and then choose a window.

Unfortunately, in portrait mode there’s only room for 2 tabs to fit at the top of the screen. But if you have more than two web sites open, just drag the tab bar to the left and you’ll see the hidden tabs appear.

The toolbar at the bottom of the page works pretty much the same way. Drag to the left to see extra options, including a button to subscribe to a page’s RSS feed, find text in a page, select text, or have a rather annoying digital voice read the text to you out loud.

The built in feed reader is a nice touch — but it was a bit unpredictable. After adding a few RSS feeds, I was able to open the feed reader and look at a list of new items. But when I tried adding another RSS feed a few moments later, it didn’t work — and the browser told me I didn’t have any subscriptions. A few minutes later I tried again, and they were back.

But overall, there’s a lot to like about Infinity Web Browser. If you have a few tabs open and then close the browser, you can hit the restore button to restore the previous session next time you open Infinity. And if you get tired of looking a the toolbar and tabs, you can hit the full screen button. Best of all, Infinity is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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