Apple released the developer preview of iPhone OS 4.0 yesterday afternoon. And this morning iPhone hacker MuscleNerd posted a video on YouTube which appears to show an iPhone running the new operating system — with a few extra features enabled such as the abililty to run a VNC client and the Cydia third party app store.

But here’s the thing — neither of those things should work out of the box with iPhone OS 4.0. And that means MuscleNerd has most likely already figured out how to jailbreak iPhone OS 4.0. For the uninitiated, jailbreaking basically means hacking an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad so that it can run code that hasn’t been approved by Apple.

MuscleNerd isn’t publicly saying how he did it. But that’s likely because the developer preview is still an early build and things could change by the time Apple pushes out iPhone OS 4.0 to consumers this summer. One thing seems fairly clear though: When that happens it probably won’t take very long at all for hackers to release a jailbreak technique for iPhone OS 4.0.

You can check out a very brief video of MuscleNerd using a VNC client to mirror his iPhone on a computer.

via MobileCrunch

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