Rhapsody’s iPhone app has been updated to more closely resemble their original mobile service by enabling offline listening in Rhapsody 2.0 for the iPhone.

Music caching, originally alluded to in October, is limited to playlists at the moment. In other words, you can download tracks from a playlist to your iPhone, but you can’t download a full album.

While the service won’t truly be feature complete until album downloads are made available and Apple provides that multitasking this summer, at a lowered $10 per month, Rhapsody is quite compelling to iPhone owners these days.

Especially those who own additional Rhapsody devices, like Sonos or TiVo.

However, I’m lazy easy. And I’m mostly content with the pre-programmed “stations” as found on Slacker, which runs $4 per month.  But where the heck is Slacker’s offline iPhone caching?

The Rhapsody iPhone app is available as a free download from the App Store, but a subscription will set you back $10 per month for Rhapsody Premier service which enables streaming and downloads, or $14.99 for Rhapsody Premier Plus which allows you to access Rhapsody on up to 3 different mobile devices.

This post originally appeared at Zatz Not Funny