The New York Times offers an excellent free news app for the iPhone that makes it easy to catch up on the latest news from the paper without trying to navigate the web site in a mobile browser. So far there’s no equivalent app for Google Android, but it looks like one should be available soon.

The New York Times has created a FAQ for a NYTimes Android app. It says the app should work with Android 1.6 and newer and that it should be available as a free download from the Android Market or by visiting Unfortunately, neither of those things is true… yet.

Google Operating System reports that there was briefly a video of the NYTimes app running on the Google Nexus One on Google’s YouTube channel for the phone, but that video appears to have been removed.

All in all, I would have been surprised if the New York Times wasn’t working on an Android version of its app for reading the latest stories and watching the latest videos from the Times web site. But it’s nice to know that we’re close enough to an actual product launch that a FAQ has been created and a promo video has been shot.

Brad Linder

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