Seesmic makes one of the most popular Twitter clients for Google Android. And the company has just pushed out a new version that comes with three major new features:

  1. Home Screen Widget
  2. Native Retweet
  3. Geotagging
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The widget lets you see the latest update from your contacts on your home screen. You can also tap the compose box to start writing a new Tweet, or tap your username to bring up the full Seesmic client. Tapping an individual message on the widget brings up that message in the Seesmic app, allowing you to retweet, reply, or perform other actions.

Unfortunately the home screen widget isn’t customizable. So if you wanted, for instance, have a larger widget to see the last 3 tweets from your contacts on your home screen, there’s currently no way to do that.

The new retweet feature in Seesmic 1.3 mimics the way you can retweet messages on the Twitter web site. And the geotagging feature lets you tag messages with your location, a map link, or an address.

Seesmic 1.3 is available as a free download from the Android Market. You can scan the image to the right with your phone to download and install the app.

via Android Central

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