Update: Skyfire 2.0 beta for Android is now ready for download. Scan the barcode to the right with your Android phone to get started.

It looks like the folks behind the Skyfire mobile web browser are getting ready to officially launch a version for Android any minute now. A handful of Alpha testers have been using a pre-release version for the past few weeks, and an unofficial version leaked out recently.

Scan to download (later)

But the full version will have a number of features absent from that leaked build, including the ability to play Adobe Flash video on your Android phone, since Skyfire uses remote servers to compress data before sending it to your device.

The Skyfire for Android download page is live, but the download links aren’t yet. Once everything is finalized, you’ll be able to either download Skyfire 2.0 for Android in the Android Market, by visiting m.skyfire.com in your mobile browser, or by downloading the installer .apk file and copying it to your phone.

Update: The folks at Laptop Magazine has an early look at Skyfire for Android, and while overall they seem moderately impressed, they point out that while Skyfire supports Flash video, many web video sites don’t support Skyfire. Hulu blocks Skyfire, and the browser simply didn’t detect any videos on the CBS and Fox web sites. Other network TV web sites had problems as well.

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