There are dozens of great Twitter apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. There’s not as much love for the Android and BlackBerry platforms… but one of the biggest names in the third party Twitter client biz has announced that it’s developing software for both of those platforms.

TweetDeck makes a desktop Twitter client that lets you keep track of updates from your contacts on Mac, Windows or Linux computers. The company also has an iPhone app that offers most of the same features, including the ability to create groups for your contacts, manager multiple accounts, share your location, links, videos, or photos, and search Twitter.

There’s no word on whether the iPhone and Android apps will have all of the same features, but I’d be kind of surprised if they didn’t.

Of course, one of the things that makes TweetDeck distinctive on the desktop won’t make much sense on mobile phones. That’s its multi-column layout that lets you see a ton of information all at once. There’s just not enough screen real estate to provide that kind of interface on a phone — but the TweetDeck iPad app looks a lot like the desktop client.

via CrackBerry

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