One of the things that’s always set Windows Mobile apart from the mobile phone OS crowd is the fact that it ships with mobile versions of Office apps including Word and Excel. Windows Phone 7 is no different, and while we took a quick look at Office in the Windows Phone 7 emulator a while back, the folks at Mobility Digest managed to get heir hands on an updated version of the emulator with better access to the Office Hub.

It looks like Office on Windows Phone 7 will let you create, edit, and open documents. But you’ll also be able to access shared documents using Microsoft SharePoint, allowing you to collaborate on documents with your coworkers from your phone.

You can also ad voice recordings to OneNote documents, using the phone’s built in microphone.

You can check out a video of the new Office Hub for Windows Phone 7 after the break.

via WMPoweruser

Brad Linder

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