Skype may not plan on launching video chat software for Google Android until later this year, but if you have a Nokia N900 you should get the feature later this week. GigaOm reports that Skype will roll out new software soon that will allow 2-way voice and video chat with Skyper users on any platform.

That means you’ll be able to pick up your Nokia N900 phone and make a video call to users on a PC or on another N900.

The Nokia N900 runs the Maemo operating system, which is a custom version of Linux optimized for mobile devices. That makes it an ideal platform for rolling out experimental new software like a Skype video chat client, since Skyp’s desktop Linux app already supports this feature.

But Skype plans to make 2-way video calling available on all of its mobile platforms. So hopefully any phone with a front-facing camera including the upcoming 4th generation iPhone as well as Symbian and Android phones should eventually be able to support Skype video calls.

Brad Linder

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