Tetris is probably one of the most iconic video games of all time — and one of the most imitated. There dozens of Tetris clones available for just about every computing platform, from Windows, Mac, and Linux to Windows Mobile and Google Android. But as of today, there are 35 fewer Tetris clones available for download from the Android Market.

Apparently the company that owns the rights to Tetris sent a letter to Google asking the company to remove 35 game that infringed on the company’s copyrights or trademarks. Basically, if an app had the word Tetris in the name, it was probably pulled — as were many apps with similar gameplay.

You can find the cease and desist letter sent to Google at Scribd, and read the reaction of one developer at Slashdot.

via AndroidGuys and Droid Gamers

Brad Linder

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