While there’s been a lot of talk about Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Google Android, there’s another Adobe product coming to Android that could be just as important: Adobe AIR. Today the company released a developer preview of AIR for Android, and it will basically let Flash developers write apps that can be run on Android devices without a web browser or even an internet connection.

Of course, you could already write native apps for Android that don’t require either of those things. But the AIR platform will make it a lot easier for developers to write apps that can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, Android devices, and other platforms that AIR works on.It will also be a lot easier to write apps that can run both in a web browser or as standalone apps, since the AIR platform uses the same tools as web-based Flash apps.

Brad Linder

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  1. Air certainly does seem to not get much love, but that's the big cross-platform gorilla a certain someone doesn't want around, but will make Android even more attractive for devs to deploy on multiple devices.

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