Audible has been offering audiobooks, magazines, speeches, and podcast editions of radio shows for mobile phone and PDA users for the better part of a decade. Now the company is preparing to launch an Android edition of its software.

Right now Audible for Android is only available to a select group of beta testers, but the folks at Droid Dog have been kind enough to post some screenshots and details about the upcoming app.

The software should work with Android 1.5 and up, although there appear to be problems with some phones, such as the HTC Hero. The app also doesn’t support older Audible files in the .aa format. And you can’t actually purchase audio tracks using the software — you’ll have to open a web browser, make a purchase at, and then synchronize those files with your device.

Hopefully Audible will work out the kinks — and maybe add in-app purchases.

Audible allows users to either pay per download or subscribe to a monthly plan which will provide them with a credit for a free download.

Update: It looks like you can sign up for the beta by joining the Audible Beta Google Group. via Android And Me

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