Remember that Mozilla Weave app for iPhone we looked at last week? It looks like it has a new name. Now it’s called Firefox Home, and the folks at Mozilla say they hope to get it into the iTunes App Store soon.

While there’s no Firefox web browser for the iPhone, Firefox Home will make it easy for desktop Firefox users to sync their data with the mobile app on devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Basically, Firefox Home will be able to access the bookmarks, history, and even open tabs on your desktop Firefox browser. It doesn’t support password sync at this point, and it doesn’t do 2-way sync, which means you can’t send your mobile bookmarks and history to your desktop browser.

Firefox Home could make it easy to pick up surfing the web or reading an article where you left off if you have to leave your desk and hit the road. It also provides an easy way to send yourself directions, addresses, or other information.

The thing that confuses me the most is the fact that Firefox Home lets you view web sites in the Firefox Home app without firing up the Safari web browser.

What’s not clear to me at the moment is whether Firefox Home is designed to work as a standalone web browser as well. Will you be able to enter URLs in the location bar and visit web pages in the app? Or maybe it’s just a wrapper for the mobile Safari WebKit-based browser, which means it would work with Safari rather than offering a complete replacement.

You can check out a brief video demo after the break.

via Mozilla Blog

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