This past weekend a handful of folks with Google Nexus One handsets got over the air updates that brought Android 2.2 Froyo to their phones. And thousands of folks decided not to wait for an over the air update, and grabbed the installer to perform a manual update — before Google removed the download link. Of course, the unofficial file is still floating around, but here’s the thing — it might not actually be the final build of Google Android 2.2.

Google posted a brief message yesterday explaining that the company only rolled out Android 2.2 to a very small group of testers — and that a “final” build” will be available soon. That would seem to imply that there may be some additional tweaks in the version of Android 2.2 Froyo that will go out to the general public in the coming weeks, but there’s no word on what those changes may be.

I’ve been using Android 2.2 on my Nexus One since this weekend, and I have to say it seems pretty stable overall. A number of third party apps stopped working properly, but developers have been pushing out updates which brings them up to snuff. I have noticed more “force close” error messages than usual, but it’s not entirely clear if that’s a problem with the operating system or with the third party apps at the moment.

Anyway, if you know where to look, I’m pretty sure you can still find the file for your Nexus One. But if you haven’t upgraded yet, it sounds like you might want to hold off until Google releases the final build. It should also be available as an over the air update for users that have already upgraded to the early build — although it’s possible that there may not be any changes between this build and the final build.

via Android Central and xda-developers

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