So you’ve installed Google Android 2.1 on your T-mobile G1 or MyTouch phones, (also known as the HTC Dream and Magic, respectively)? That’s so… a few days ago. While Google has pretty much said that Android 2.2 Froyo won’t officially run on these older phones due to hardware limitations, a group of hackers have managed to install Froyo on the HTC Dream and Magic.

Not everything works at this point. There’s no support for WiFi, GPS, or the camera yet. But you can make calls and surf the web over 3G.

You can check out a hands-on video courtesy of Android-France after the break.

In related news, Froyo has also been ported to the HTC Desire… but that’s not particularly surprising, since the Desire is virtually the same phone as the Google Nexus One and there’s been a version of Froyo for that phone floating around for the past week.

Brad Linder

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