It was just a few weeks ago that we first saw Google’s Android operating system running on an iPhone. But that particular hack was limited to a first generation iPhone 2G. Well now developer David Wang is back, and this time he’s managed to squeeze Google’s mobile operating system onto an iPhone 3G.

Audio isn’t working at the moment, but almost everything else is. Multiotuch works, and the iPhone can run Android apps, surf the web over WiFi or 3G, and do almost everything else you’d expect an Android smartphone to do. It can even make calls, but since audio doesn’t work, nobody will hear what you’re saying. But you can send text messages.

Wang’s Android port lets you dual boot the iPhone OS and Android on the same device. It takes a while to switch operating systems, as you can see in the video below. But once Android is up and running, you can quickly suspend the phone just by tapping the power button.

The installer file should be available for download soon. Bear in mind, this particular version of Android is designed for the iPhone 3G, not the iPhone 3Gs.

You can check out a video after the break.

via Engadget

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