Just a few days after unveiling Google Android 2.2 Froyo, it looks like Google is starting to roll out the software update to folks with Google Nexus One handsets.

TechCrunch blogger MG Siegler received the update on his phone last night, and a handful of other users have posted on Twitter that they have the update as well.

Google tends to do phased rollouts — which means that not everybody will get the update at the same time. I’ve checked for system updates on my phone about a dozen times this morning to no avail. But it’s likely that once a member of the xda-developers community gets their hands on the Froyo update.zip file, you’ll be able to download it from the forums.

Update: Don’t feel like waiting for Google to send the update to your phone? You don’t have to. You can download the updater directly from Google’s servers and follow 10 simple steps to install it on your Google Nexus One manually.

Brad Linder

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