At long last, Slacker Radio 2.0 for iPhone is nearly here! The most eagerly anticipated feature is the ability to cache stations for offline playback. Slacker’s updated app was submitted to Apple for review yesterday and, barring any show stoppers, should be available in iTunes in the next day or so.

Slacker 2.0 lets you cache 25 stations, although it’s not yet clear to me how much music or disk space (approximately) we’re talking about.

I’ve only been in had the app for about 12 hours so I haven’t been able to test the limits yet. But I suspect if I’d had Slacker 2.0 installed I would have had more than enough content to cover my flights to and from Buffalo last weekend.

But will it get me through an 8 hour work day (from a perpetual AT&T dead zone)? We’re about to find out…

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