It’s been a few weeks since we first saw Google Android running on the iPhone 3G. Want to know how to do it on your own phone? PC World has step by step instructions.

There are a few things to note before you get started. First, this hack is only for the iPhone 3G. iPhone 3Gs users need not apply. Second, while you can make and receive calls and run Android apps on an iPhone 3G using Google Android, power management hasn’t been implemented yet, which means your battery will run down really quickly — like in about an hour.

On the bright side, if you follow the steps very carefully, not only will you probably wind up voiding your warranty, but you’ll also have a dual boot phone which can load either iPhone OS or Google Android, so you can still use your iPhone with Apple’s software most of the time and reboot into Android on occasion as a nifty party trick.

Brad Linder

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