IM+ is a $10 iPhone app that lets you chat with your contacts whether they’re using AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo, or Google’s instant messenger service. You can also use IM+ to post updates to Twitter or view your timeline or chat with your Facebook contacts. This week the folks behind IM+ released IM+ Lite which offers many of the same features… at a $10 discount.

The free version of IM+ for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is ad-supported, which means you’ll have to put up with a somewhat annoying ad that takes up more screen real estate than you probably want it to. Because let’s face it, you could see another person or two in your buddy list, or see another few lines of text if that ad weren’t there. But still, IM+ Lite offers a way to try out IM+ without paying for it first.

The one feature that’s available in the full version of IM+ that you’ll have to live without in IM+ Lite is Skype chat.

I still prefer the way Meebo handles conversations, but if you’re looking for a client that will let you interact with both Twitter and your instant messenger contacts, IM+ and IM+ Lite might be worth checking out.

You can download IM+ and IM+ Lite from the iTunes App Store for $9.99 and nothing, respectively.

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