Windows Mobile phones have been shipping with a stripped down version of Windows Media Player for the past 10 years. And to be honest, it hasn’t changed all that much. Sure, it’ll play your music and let you sort your audio files to some extent. But it’s clearly designed for stylus input, not finger-friendly file management.

Developer reb3lzrr has put together an alternate media player called iMulator which has a user interface that’s a bit more iPhone-like. The app supports phones with 320 x 240 or 800 x 480 pixel displays, although other resolutions may work as well.

The user interface looks nice and clean and lets you sort songs by album, artist, genre, song title, or year. If you have a large music library, you can navigate by scrolling your finger over the alphabet buttons on the right side of the screen.

The play, pause, and other navigation buttons not to mention the position bar should look pretty familiar to anyone who has ever used an iPhone or iPod touch.

iMulator is available as a free download for Windows Mobile 5 and up. It requires .NET Compact framework 3.5 to run properly. The app is still in alpha, so there’s a chance it might be a bit unstable. It’s been tested on an HTC Touch Pro 2.

via Freeware Pocket PC

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2 replies on “iMulator: Finger-friendly music player for Windows Mobile”

  1. Hi, currently I'm using omnia 2 GT-i8000 ….Ya and i had already tried out iMulator on my phone…and this is the bug that I've found:

    1. It have some problem with the scrolling on the library page.
    2.Error occured when I clicked on the settings option and asked to quite the application.
    3.Sometimes when I clicked on certain songs, it didn't play correctly instead it plays the previous song.

    Overall, i think this a good start and it really gives me a very comfortable feel when using it.
    I post this comment just wanted to help you to reduce these bug and make a better application for all of us out there,

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