Wi-Fi Sync is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch is a utility that lets you synchronize your mobile device with a Mac over a WiFi connection — no USB cable needed. The developer posted a few videos demonstrating the software a few weeks ago, but he ran into a little speedb ump when trying to get the app into the iTunes App Store.

Basically, Apple doesn’t like it if you write software that encroaches on areas usually covered by the company’s default software. That includes synchronization, email, and web browsing, among other things.

Fortunately the Wi-Fi Sync developer didn’t decide to take his ball and go home. Instead he decided to release the app without Apple’s approval, b making it available in the Cydia store for jailbroken devices. The app will set you back $9.99 and is only compatible with OS X at the moment, but a Windows version is on its way.

via Engadget

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