It seems like just 39 days ago that I first caught wind of a LogMeIn client for Google Android… oh right, because it was. At the time, the software was in private beta testing, but now it’s available as a public beta which means anyone can download LogMeIn Ignition from the Android Market.

LogMeIn allows you to access any PC or Mac computer remotely. All you have to do is install the LogMeIn software on your primary computer, and then login through a web browser to control your computer. LogMeIn Ignition is the company’s mobile client, which lets you login to your computer using an iPhone or Android smartphone.

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Clearly, most PCs have higher resolution screens than smartphones. But LogMeIn Ignition will scale your desktop so that you can see the whole thing on your Android phone. Of course, you might find it a bit difficult to navigate this way, but you can pinch to zoom in and out or activate a scale bar that lets you zoom in and out so that you can enter text, click on icons, and perform other actions.

Because you’ll probably spend most of your time zoomed in, LogMeIn Ignition uses an interesting means of navigation. Instead of moving the mouse cursor around by clicking on different parts of your phone’s screen, the cursor stays in the center of the screen. What you move is your desktop. Just drag until the cursor is hovering over the area you want to click, and then tap the screen to click or tap with two fingers to double-click. If your phone doesn’t support multitouch gestures, you can click the mouse icon to switch the default action from left click to right.

You can also pull up an on-screen keyboard to enter text or drag two fingers across the screen to scroll in a web browser or other application that supports scrolling.

LogMeIn Ignition for Android is available as a free download while in beta. The beta period expires on May 31, 2010. There’s no wowrd on how much the full version will cost, but the company charges $29.99 for its iPhone app.

You can download LogMeIn Ignition Beta from the Android Market, or scan the barcode to the right to get started.

You can find more screengrabs after the break.

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