The folks at Qneo are making a name for themselves by creating  apps that leverage the iPhone’s speaker and vibration to do things you wouldn’t expect. We already took a look at the company’s Football Real Kick app a while back, which lets you blow a tiny paper ball around to play a somewhat boring game of tabletop socker. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Last year Qneo release iPhone Blower, an app that lets you blow out candles… sometimes.

And last week the company launched Magic Mover, an app that you can activate to move your iPhone slowly across a short distance. Just hit the start button and a tiny animated bulldozer will push at the edge of your iPhone screen. At the same time, the phone will vibrate and start to move a bit to the left, assuming it’s on a level surface.

Visually, it looks a bit like the bulldozer is actually pushing the phone — and Qneo has put out a few videos showing that the phone has enough force behind it to push other objects, such as a few cashews, a magic marker, or a domino.

You can check out some videos after the break.

Magic Mover is available from the App Store for $0.99.

iPhone Blower also costs a buck, as does Football Real Kick.

Brad Linder

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