HTC’s Sense user interface for Windows Mobile phones replaces the custom Windows Phone user interface with a series of widgets and menus that make it easier to navigate with your fingertips and see your information at a glance. But if you want a really customizable UI that crams virtually every possible bit of info onto your home screen, you might want to check out MaxSense, tweaked version of the HTC Sense software that supercharges the home screen.

MaxSense is built on HTC Sense 2.5. But it adds a number of features, including:

  • 3 home screens, which you can access by dragging left and right like you would on an Android phone
  • A ridiculous number of icons in the taskbar for accessing WiFi, Bluetooth, network info, sound profiles, and so forth)
  • Support for widgets including clocks, alerts, and weather)
  • 75 quick links panel
  • Task Manager shortcut

The MaxSense user interface is starting to show up in custom ROMS for phones including the HTC HD2 and HTC Touch Pro2.

The folks at PocketNow have put together a pretty detailed walkthrough of the MaxSense user interface. You can check out the video below.

Brad Linder

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