A couple of leaked documents related to Windows Phone 7 have surfaced recently, giving us a better idea of how Microsoft’s upcoming mobile operating system will work. Engadget has a detailed breakdown, but here are a few of the main points:

  • Just like Google requires Android users to have a Gmail/Google account, Windows Phone 7 users will have to use a Windows Live ID with their phones.
  • Software updates will be installable either over the air or through a desktop connection using the Zune software for the PC.
  • Windows Phone 7 is a 32-bit OS with support for up to 4GB of RAM.
  • Graphics will be based on Direct3D 11 and OpenGL ES will not be supported.

One of the most interesting (and scariest) aspects of Windows Phone 7 is that it will treat built-in storage and SD card storage the same. Basically, if your phone has 1GB of flash storage and a 4GB memory card, it will be like your phone had 5GB of storage. That’s pretty cool. But if you remove the SD card while the phone is still on, the phone may not function properly — and you could lose data.

You can find more info at Engadget.

Brad Linder

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