Some of Motorola’s top phones at the moment are smartphones running Google’s Android operating system (often with the Motoblur user interface running on top. That includes the Motorola DROID, CLIQ, and BACKFLIP. But there are signs that Motorola could be getting ready to launch its own operating system for smartphones.

Android And Me notes that Motorola appears to have acquired Azingo, a software company that makes a Linux-based operating system for mobile phones. Azingo has a Webkit-based web browser, audio and video apps, calendar and contact apps, and an SDK for the development of third party applications.

Does this mean that Motorola is giving Android the boot? Not necessarily. The company already offers a number of feature-phones that aren’t Android based. There’s no reason we couldn’t see Android and Azingo-based phones in the future. Or Azingo’s team could bring their expertise to creating custom interfaces for Android.

But Android and Me does point out that Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha higlighted the importance of “owning your OS” for hnadset makers.

via MobileCrunch

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