PayPal on an iPhone app

PayPal has introduced a new Mobile Payments Library for Google Android, which developers can incorporate into their apps. In other words, say you’re using an eBook reader or music player on Android and it offers the ability to search or browse for new books or music. If the developer used the API, you’ll be able to check out using PayPal.

The solution isn’t quite as elegant as Apple’s method for conducting in-app transactions. Basically if you purchase media while using an app on an iPhone, you’re billed the same way you would be billed if you downloaded media or an app from the iTunes Store. But using PayPal will offer developers a way to take cash or credit card payments easily just by signing up for a PayPal account.

Of course, Google and your wireless carrier dont’ get a cut of the action this way, but PayPal does.

PayPal’s mobile payment library is also available for iPhone OS developers.

via MobileCrunch

Brad Linder

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