While it’s still not entirely clear whether the world needs yet another smartphone OS, Samsung is operating under the assumption that there’s at least room for one more on the market. the company is developing a new OS for its upcoming smartphones, called Bada. And yesterday the company  released a software developer kit that anyone can use to write apps for the upcoming platform.

There are a few things that make Bada stand out in the crowded smartphone OS space, including support for Adobe Flash and integrated social networking, motion sensing, and face detection software.

The Bada SDK includes an emulator, UI builder, some sample applications, and tutorials, among other things. Apps are written in C/C++, which should make it relatively for developers to create cross-platform apps that run on other platforms as well. In fact, some of the first apps demonstrated for Bada OS are also available for the iPhone and other devices.

via SlashGear

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