The HTC Evo almost seems like it was made for an app like SlingPlayer Mobile. The phone has a large 4.3 inch display and a fast 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor — not to mention a 4G modem for connecting to speedy mobile broadband networks. So it seems like a perfect fit for Sling Media’s app which lets you stream live and recorded TV from your home.

While SlingPlayer Mobile for Android is still in private beta testing, the folks at Sling Media have put out a video demonstrating it on the HTC Evo. And it looks absolutely awesome.

Apparently SlingPlayer Mobile starts faster on Android than on any other platform — although the speedy Snapdragon processor probably doesn’t hurt. The controls are nice and large thanks to the large screen (and the user interface which is optimized for small screens). And the stream video quality looks excellent.

The Android app also has a new keypad for entering channels or swiping through recently entered channels.

Sling Media hasn’t announced pricing for the Android app, but the SlingPlayer software typically costs about $30 on other mobile platforms. You’ll also need to purchase a Slingbox for your home media setup in order to stream video over the internet.

You can check out the drool-worthy video after the break.

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