Xmarks is a free browser add-on for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome. It lets you synchronize your bookmarks and saved passwords between computers. And recently the company rolled out the ability to synchronize your open tabs. So say you’re reading a couple of articles from the local newspaper’s web site over your morning cup of coffee and you have to run out the door to get to work. Just hit the sync button and when you get to work you can quickly open the same browser tabs.

While there’s no Xmarks plugin for mobile web browsers, you can login to your My Xmarks page on any browser — and that includes mobile browsers on devices including the iPhone and Google Android devices.

The My Xmarks page will show you a list of your bookmarks as well as your open tabs. Just click the Open Tabs button and you’ll find a screen showing any computers and/or browsers you have linked to your Xmarks account. Tap the machine you want and you’ll see a list of open tabs, letting you see a list of tabs that were open on your desktop browser so that you can open them again on your mobile device.

It’s not exactly automatic — and not even all that fast. After all, you have to visit My Xmarks, then click four links to open a web site. But it’s probably faster than emailing yourself a list of articles you meant to read later.

You can find a few more screenshots from my iPod touch and Google Nexus One after the break.

via Download Squad

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