Sure, Adobe Flash may be a new thing for Google Android users, but there have been a few ways to watch Flash video on Windows Mobile phones for a while. You could use a browser like Internet Explorer that supports Flash Lite or a browser like Skyfire that skirts the issue altogether by using server-side compression.

Now there’s another option. A new browser called uZard is on the scene, and among other things, it supports full-screen Adobe Flash video playback. Members of the xda-developers forum report it even works with Hulu (although it’s probably just a matter of time before Hulu blocks the browser).

The browser also reportedly supports Silverlight and audio and video codecs including WMV, MP3, and AAC. That’s because uZard uses server-side rendering the same way Skyfire does.

It looks like there are actually three versions of the uZard web browser. uZard P relies on server-side rendering, while uZard S is a WebKit-based browser. uZard H combines the features of the other two browsers.

via PocketNow

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