Amazon launched a new Kindle app for Android devices today. Like the company’s iPhone app, the new Kindle for Android app will let you find, purchase, download, and read digital books on your mobile device.

The mobile app synchronizes your last read pages, bookmarks, and annotations with other devices linked to your account. So if you have a physical Kindle eBook reader, an iPod touch or iPad with the Kindle app, and an Android phone, you can start reading a book on one device, put it down and pick up reading where you left off on another.

Kindle for Android lets you read in portrait or landscape mode, adjust text size,and background color. You can also search Amazon’e library of more than 600,000 free and paid books. You can also read the beginning of a book before making a purchase.

Newspapers, magazines and blogs are not available on the Android app, and you’ll need Android 1.6 or newer to use the app. While Kindle for Android is available in a number of countries, the book selection will vary by region. And it doesn’t look like the new audio and video capabilities that Amazon added to the iOS app today are available in the Android version.

With the launch of an Android app, Amazon now joins Kobo as one of the few companies with a decent cross-platform eBook reader that works on both iOS and Android and which offers a decent selection of book titles.

Purchasing books is easy if you already have an Amazon account — and you can even choose to purchase a title using the Android app and have it sent to another device linked to your account. When I logged in, I saw that I was able to download books to my iPod or PC, both of which also have Kindle software installed.

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