A few weeks ago it looked like Google had started pushing out Android 2.2 Froyo to Nexus One users. But it turns out that what was really happening was that Google was giving some testers (including a handful of tech bloggers with demo phones) a pre-release build of Froyo. An official update should be on its way soon.

For the most part, Android 2.2 runs quite nicely on a Google Nexus One. But there’s one thing that many users who downloaded and installed the update unofficially have noticed: certain apps are now missing from the Android Market. That includes the New York Times and Epicurious apps, among others.

It turns out that the missing apps are those that use “copy protection” in the Android Market. They’re simply not recognized by this build of Android 2.2. Presumably Google will fix this issue before pushing out Froyo to the masses.

In the meantime, if you have a rooted Nexus One, you can try this hack to trick the Market into thinking you’re using Android 2.1 instead of Froyo and the apps should reappear.

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