One of the first things you’ll notice on any Android phone with the HTC Sense UI is the big clock and weather widget on the home screen. Now you can get a nearly identical widget on a phone that doesn’t ship with Sense UI, thanks to the folks behind Fancy Widget.

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You can download Fancy Widget from the Android Market, although it’s anybody’s guess whether HTC will contact the developer and request changes due to the remarkable similarity.

In the meantime, Fancy Widget shows you the time in numbers that are too large to miss, and grabs local forecast data for your area to display just below the clock, along with some pretty weather-related graphics. Tap on the weather portion of the app to see an extended forecast, and tap on the extended forecast to open up in your web browser.

If you tap on the clock itself, you can tweak some settings. For instance, you can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius, or 12 hour and 24 hour time. You can also adjust the refresh settings or donate to the developer if you want to help support the app.

Honestly, I’ve never quite understood why you would want an enormous clock on your home screen when there’s already a little one in the notification bar at the top of the screen. But hey, it’s nice to have the option, right?

Update: As expected, HTC has asked the developers of Fancy Widget to redesign the app. There’s now a new version which offers similar features, but completely revamped graphics.

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