Fancy Widget is a home screen widget for Google Android that pretty much duplicates the time and weather widget that ships with HTC Sense UI. So it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that HTC has complained to the developer.

In response, Fancy Widget 1.2.2 will be the last version of the widget that looks like the HTC Sense widget. It’s still available in the Android Market, but not for long. If you want it, you’d best go and grab it now.

The developer does plan to offer a new version soon with a new look.

Update: The new version of Fancy Widget is now available. It actually looks pretty nice, but it doesn’t look like HTC Sense.

via EuroDroid

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  1. When is the revamped version coming? I'm sooo missing this one, it was my fave widget, and I lost it in a data wipe. :(

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