There’s a new nightly build of Fennec (Firefox) for Google Android. Overall it’s actually pretty buggy and sluggish and doesn’t seem to perform as well as the last version of Firefox Mobile I tested a few weeks ago. But the new version does have one feature that was sorely missing from earlier builds: Support for multitouch zooming.

Last time I tested Fennec on my Google Nexus One, there were basically two zoom levels: In or out. Now you can pinch to zoom to your heart’s content, zooming way in or out of any web page.

That said, it takes a moment for Fennec to zoom, and it’s pretty easy to overshoot the zoom level you were aiming for since the web page doesn’t change sizes in real time. One of the developers behind the project says it’s likely that nightly builds of Fennec for Android will be pretty buggy for foreseeable future, so if you’re actually trying to use the pre-release web browser as your primary browser, you might not want to update for a few more weeks.

via Android Central

Brad Linder

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